Tiffany ​Gilly-Forrer

Masters of Fine Arts, Acting

Film, Stage, and Voiceover Actress

Published writer and certified Seven Pillars Acting instructor

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About Me

Hello! I’m Tiffany Gilly-Forrer, my pronouns are she/her, and I am from in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve been a professional actor for over a decade, collaborated on over 75 theatrical productions, film projects, TV commercials, and live comedy shows from Portland to NYC to Baton Rouge to Kentucky. I am an Equity Member Candidate, a singer-songwriter, and have taught theatre & film to students 7-70 years old in studios, theatre companies, and universities across the country. I earned my MFA in Acting and certification in Seven Pillars Acting at Louisiana State University (LSU), and my husband Chris and I are travel enthusiasts who share a passion for our craft, analyzing great films, and our two tabby cats, Ridley and Houdini. We are currently based out of Bowling Green, KY.


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Published Audio Samples

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I am a certified instructor of Seven Pillars Acting, by Sonya Cooke. For two years, I was mentored by Sonya during my MFA training and am actively teaching the technique in studios and universities across the country.

From private coaching to studio training to college courses, I see teaching as a whole craft of its own. My students have been accepted to competitive training programs, cast in feature films, and signed with agents, but most important, have felt seen, heard, valued, respected, and empowered after training with me. I value students at every level, from beginning to expert, and I can rise to meet a student's needs with humility and a personal willingness to learn.

I am excited to share that this fall, I will be teaching a 10-week course in Bowling Green, KY on the emerging acting technique Seven Pillars Acting. Two classes will be offered, one for teens and one for adults. Sign up today as spots are limited!

Voice Coach

I have training in Knight-Thompson Speech Work, Linklater, and Fitzmaurice with certified teachers of each technique. I use IPA and simple breakdowns of accent analysis to teach actors of all ages various accents ranging from French to Arabic to Brooklyn.

I have personally learned over 13 different accents and coached over a dozen other accents for productions and private lessons, as well as recently taught Voice & Diction with Matthew Koenig at Utah Tech University.


Since I was ten year old, a growing passion for writing has always been a driving creative force for me, and I sharpened my skills as a playwright in undergrad and my MFA program. I have written a few ten-minute plays, two one acts, co-published an academic article in The Voice And Speech Review which was published in the Anthology Vocal Traditions: Training in the Performing Arts, and written and produced three Staged Readings of my full-length play, Interlocus, most recently presented by Red Magnolia Theatre Company in Baton Rouge, LA for their 2021/22 Readers Series.

I also design educational study guides and teaching tools for shows, classes, Theatre History, and film history. Some of my materials have been published on the Louisiana State University website. Below are samples of my work.

Writing Samples

ACADEMIC ARTICLE (published in anthology)

Sonya Cooke, Tiffany Gilly-Forrer, Cynthia ​Bassham, Victoria Myssik, Adam Thatcher & ​Thomas Varga. "Seven Pillars Acting Technique." ​Vocal Traditions: Training in the Performing Arts, ​edited by Rockford Sansom, Routledge; 1st ​edition, 2023, pp. 138-148.


Gilly, Tiffany, "Love, Yourself: A Solo Play" (2021). ​LSU Master's Theses. 5390.


Gilly-Forrer, Tiffany (2021). The science Of ​Storytelling: Why stories make us human and ​how to tell them better. Voice and Speech ​Review.

What People are Saying

"[Tiffany and Sarah's] presentations vocally as well as playing the moments given them by each number are spot-on ​wonderful. The fact is both ladies have fine, professional singing voices possessing pretty impressive ranges each, with ​[Sarah] able to reach wonderful stratospheric soprano octaves, and [Tiffany's] notes in her upper voice ringing out like ​a beautiful bell.

Bobby Patrick, Broadway World Review

Read full review here

"I truly feel that this young lady has only scratched the surface of her potential and how far she'll go in this industry."

"Thank you for being my teacher this ​semester! I greatly appreciated your ​understanding and enthusiasm for ​film but more importantly your ​dedication to giving your students ​an educational experience. I love ​film because it teaches you so many ​great lessons without explicitly ​lecturing it into you. So thank you."​

Un​dergraduate Student, UT

"[Tiffany] is so sweet and kind and ​made it an amazing experience. She ​really cares about all of us."​

Undergraduate Student, UT

"When I think about how a college ​class should be taught, you nailed ​it on the mark. Your passion for ​your studies shine through your ​course!"

Undergraduate Student, LSU

"Because of Tiffany I was able to ​audition and successfully be ​accepted into an Improv team. I ​love how Tiffany took the time to ​bring our class together as a team ​every week before we started ​practice. She taught us the value of ​working together in Improv which ​improved our skills greatly."

Adult Student, Acting Out Studio

Site last updated: 6/1/23

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